Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Storm total rainfall from Fay

Fay went a long way towards reducing the drought conditions in Alabama. I ended up receiving 3.06" of total rainfall from Fay. That was one of the lowest amounts reported across Alabama. We can always count on J.B. Elliott of to provide the most comprehensive list of rainfall totals.

Here is an excerpt from J.B.'s list (which I sorted) of the locations he found where at least 8 inches was reported.

15.57 6 miles east of Clayhatchee
12.74 Highland Home
11.62 Valley
10.80 Hoover/Russett Woods
10.54 Inches at Noccalula Falls
10.10 Lake Purdy (Three Cheers!)
10.01 Wetumpka
9.95 Camden (Wilcox County)
9.81 SW Lamar County
9.75 Helena/Old Cahaba
9.55 South Trussville
9.33 Meadow Brook
9.27 Scrougeout, brings the 2008 total to 42.93 (NE Etowah County)
9.15 Clay/Pinsion (Womack Road)
9.07 Greystone Cove (James Spann)
9.02 Huffman (Bob Dietlein–enjoyed working with him 32 years at USWB/NWS)
9.00 Tri County where Blount/Jefferson/St. Clair meet
8.80 Cahaba Heights
8.73 Calera
8.54 NE Trussville/Peppertree…thanks to Bob Alvis
8.25 Altadena
8.17 NE Trussville/Old Mill Run (Miss Molly lives there)
8.14 Troy

It looks like storm totals ranged from 3-15" across the great State of Alabama.

J.B.'s complete list can be found here.

Thank you Lord for the big rain.



Anonymous said...

Nice. What was the source for the 15+ inch report? I recently put together rainfall maps for Fay, and would like to use this amount in the graphics, but would need the latitude/longitude and source of the report to do so. It would be the highest amount in Alabama.

Mike Wilhelm said...

Mr. Roth, I hope you get this message. It is an answer to your question by retired NWS employee J.B. Elliott, who now works for the Weather Company.

I believe I owe an apology! When this query came in, I was very busy and diverted it into a separate folder until I could find the information and I honestly forgot about it.

This information may be too late to be of use now, but just in case:

The 15.57 inches of rain was at Clayhatchee in Extreme SE Alabama. This is a small community, population about 500, located in the extreme west part of Houston County about 15 miles due west of Dothan.

The source is the CoCoRaHS network. The station number is AL-HS-6 and the rain guage is actually 5.9 miles east of the community. I do not have a map that shows the exact latitude/longitude.

Hope this helps, and again my apology.

MIKE: If you still have Mr. Roth's email, please forward this. Thanks...JB