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Palm Sunday Tornadoes - 1994

Palm Sunday Tornadoes Video Part 1

Palm Sunday Tornadoes Video Part 2

Palm Sunday Tornadoes Video Part 3

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3/27/94 Tornado tracks in Alabama and Georgia, NOAA

6 AM CST surface plots, 3/27/94, NOAA

11:37 AM CST East Alabama WSR-88D

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Palm Sunday 1994
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Remembering Palm Sunday 1994
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NWS Birmingham Event Page - Weather data and storm data


Monday, March 14, 2011

3/15/38 Central Alabama Tornadoes

Tuscaloosa News 3/16/38

Montgomery Advertiser 3/16/38

2:35 p.m. Marengo F2. Two people died and 25 were injured in the Baptist Hill community east of Demopolis. According to the Montgomery Advertiser, "The dead were Mary Avery, a negro woman who was buried in the wreckage of her home," and "J. Dunn Lawrence, of Guntersville, who touched a high tension wire broken by the wind." 40 small homes were destroyed and 200 people were left homeless. The tornado was on the ground for five miles and was 300 yards wide. "The air was filled with lumber, furniture, and corrugated metal."

4:20 p.m. Jefferson F2. One person died and eight were injured in this tornado that moved from Mulga to the east for 10 miles. Dozens of small buildings were blown down in this mining camp town. Over 10 people were left homeless. 34 died in a mine tragedy 5 months to the day before the tornado. Ben Foster, 22, of Tarrant City, was killed as he came in contact with a power line.

4:45 p.m. Walker F2. Eleven people were injured in this tornado that began at Nauvoo and moved north two miles. Two homes and a church were destroyed. Eight of the injuries occurred in one home.


Friday, March 11, 2011

3/12/86 Alabama Tornadoes

March 13, 1986 Birmingham News

Five tornadoes occurred in North Alabama during the afternoon hours of March 12, 1986, killing two people and injuring five.

2:15 Pickens County F3. This was the worst tornado of the day. Anna Hale, 59, and her father, Guy Roland, 82, were killed when their home in the Big Creek community collapsed. They were reported dead on the scene with head and chest injuries. At least 5 homes were destroyed and 40 others were damaged. The tornado was on the ground for approximately 16 miles from northwest of Aliceville to west of Reform. The damage path was 700 feet wide at its widest point. Pickens county was under a tornado warning issued by the NWS in Birmingham from 1:25 until 3:30.

2:58 Lamar County F3. This tornado was on the ground for approximately 6 miles from southeast of Millport to north-nothwest of kennedy. A school was damaged, a car was blown off the road, a railroad car was overturned, and a lumber yard was destroyed. Lamar County was under a tornado warning from 2:30-3:30.

3:25 Marion County F3. This tornado was on the ground for 2.5 miles in the town of Winfield. Several trees were blown down and one home was destroyed. Several other structures were damaged. Marion County was under a tornado warning from 3:08-4:15.

3:35 Marion County F2. On the ground for 7.5 miles, this tornado travelled from near Winfield to 7.6 miles nortwest of Brilliant. Several trees were blown down and minor to moderate structural damage occurred. Marion County remained under a tornado warning as mentioned above.

8:20 Cullman-Marshall County F2. Five people were injured in this tornado that was on the ground for 7 miles near Arab. Among the injured was a woman and her daughters who were injured when their car was flipped several times. Six mobile homes and five site-built homes were damaged. Numerous trees and power lines were blown down. Cullman County was under a tornado warning from 7:40-8:30.

Birmingham News
Tornado History Project
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IEM Warning Archives


Thursday, March 10, 2011

3/9/92 and 3/10/92 Alabama Tornadoes

Hale County F3, 3/10/92

Huntsville Times, 3/10/92

Alabama experienced two tornadoes, one of which was a killer, in the overnight hours on March 9-10, 1992. A woman was killed in a mobile home and an infant was killed in permanent home in Hale County when an F3 tornado moved through the area at 2:05 a.m. on March 10. Seven people were injured in the tornado. The storm moved from 5 miles southeast of Forkland to 5 miles east of Greensboro. Many homes were destroyed.

Earlier, an F1 tornado destroyed two businesses (gasoline station and restaurant) and damaged four others, in addition to damaging 10 homes in Muscle Shoals in Colbert County around 10 p.m. Jerral Miller with the NWS Huntsville said that a tornado warning was issued moments before a storm spotter reported the tornado. One person was injured in this tornado.

Huntsville Times
NWS Alabama Tornado Database
Tornado History Project


Sunday, March 06, 2011

3/6/67 Central Alabama Tornado Outbreak

March 7, 1967 Birmingham Post Herald

Between 2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on March 6, 1967, seven tornadoes touched down in Alabama, killing two people and injuring 30.

The strongest tornado of the day was an F4 in Walker and Jefferson counties. Communities affected included Sumiton, Rocky Hollow, Dilworth, Empire, and Warrior. Two fatalities occurred and 25 were injured in this powerful tornado. According to the NWS Birmingham, 32 homes and approximately 50 barns or outbuildings were destroyed. This tornado was on the ground for 30 miles and the path was as wide as 440 feet. The two fatalities were Mrs. Marie Phillips, 27, of Empire and Dennis Wright, 16, of Rocky Hollow. J.B. Elliott of the NWS Birmingham said at the time, "When a new low pressure system started forming at the surface, we were reasonably certain that it would be an ideal situation for a significant tornado to form about 100 miles ahead of a cold front and sweep eastward across the state."

In addition to the F4 in Walker and Jefferson counties, F2 tornadoes occurred in Perry, St. Clair, and Calhoun counties. F1 tornadoes occurred in Pickens, Walker, and Chilton counties.