Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Better not wait too late....

Bill Murray of wrote the best, most timely, and most prophetic weather blog entry ever written, in my humble opinion.

"I am thoroughly amazed at an interview that I just heard with New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on WWL radio. He said that he was considering a mandatory evacuation of the city. Considering? With the official National Hurricane Center track showing a Category Four hurricane, perhaps even a Category FIVE hurricane moving directly over a city that takes 72 hours to evacuate? He said that the city's attorneys were in consultation about the legalities of such an order. Legalities? Wouldn't that be something you would contemplate in advance? Not 48 hours before landfall. What would be the criteria that would make such an action automatic?"




James Payton said...

I remmeber that post Mike!

It will be interesting to see what the plan will be this time, if any.

By the way, off topic, I know you're a Vipers fan. I just posted a few highlights of the title game in Sopkane over at my blog...including the winning 2-pt. conversion in overtime to win it!


Mike Wilhelm said...

Will check it out JP