Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Greene County, Alabama

At 11:23 I am at the rest stop in Greene County, 190 miles from base, just off I20/59. Once I passed Tuscaloosa, sunshine, temperatures, and dew points rose dramatically. It is now 68 with a dewpoint of 65 here in Greene County. Receiving great support from my friends Jennifer as always and from Fred Gossage, who is feeding me great weather data today:

that's a solid large 1000 CAPE tongue that goes well up into middle TN....

CAPE is already much more widespread than had been expected11:22 AM

and 0-1 km helicity is still very high from central MS eastward11:22 AM AM

mid-level lapse rates of 7 to 8 will be advecting in here this afternoon11:22 AM

according to that11:22 AM 23 AM

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