Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is just wrong!

Talk about media bias..... What about blogger bias?

James should know better!

That was taken "out of context!"

Rest assured, I didn't have 14 of them, like some folks!


James Payton said...

Blogger bias 'ey?

How many photos was there of me in compromising positions with food in earlier blog posts?

Now everyone sees why I covered my plate with my hands when Mike got that photo of me eating at the symposium! I didn't want anyone to see the fresh fruit & carrots & celery sticks on the plate! ;)


Mike Wilhelm said...

Ok, now. Readers, if you want fair and balanced, stay here! If you want CNN-style coverage, just vist James!

Sorry, James, that was a low blow. I deserve 40 lashes with a wet noodle. Or, you can pass me an exrea Krispy Kreme!

James Payton said...

Ha ha!

I suppose you'll return the favor at the symposium in 2009.

At least you compared my blog to a product from the state of Georgia!

Take care my friend!