Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rain, rain, come on down....

CoCoRaHS rainfall reports

Nexrad storm total rainfall as of 1:25 p.m.

When I was a mere child there was a little girl in my neighborhood who apparently really wanted to see a lot of rain one day. She exclaimed, "Rain, rain, come on down. Make a big swimming pool!"

There have been a few pools made in North Alabama during the past 24 hours. Some parts of Northwest Alabama have received in excess of four inches of rain and flash flood warnings are in effect. I have recorded .94" here at my location, which is less than many surrounding areas.

Some reports:

  • WVNN radio meteorologist Marty Broman reported 6.15 inches of rain through 11:25 am. In addition, 1 inch of rainfall was reported on the 26th. These reports were measured in Rogersville on CR 26.
  • Cherokee in Colbert Co, AL public reported flash flooding at 11:25 AM CDT -- in the Cherokee community there was a report of 6 inches to 1 foot of water over roadways. Some locations impacted included north Pike Street, Pine Street, and 6th Street. a portion of north Pike Street was closed due to flooding.
  • 4 Nne Hillsboro [Lawrence Co, AL] emergency mngr reports FLASH FLOOD at 10:30 AM CDT -- water getting under rvs at mallard creek wildlife management area.
  • 2Nne Ripley [Limestone Co, AL] emergency mngr reports FLASH FLOOD at 10:30 AM CDT -- residences experiencing high water at lake city street near 7 mile post road.
  • Chalybeate Springs [Lawrence Co, AL] public reports FLASH FLOOD at 09:25 AM CDT -- county road 214 at reeds grocery store reported closed in that area.
  • 2 Se Chalybeate Springs [Lawrence Co, AL] emergency mngr reports FLASH FLOOD at 08:30 AM CDT -- two feet of water reported near the intersection of county line roads 170 and 319 near chalybeate springs.

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