Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer storm from 50 miles away

I took three pictures of a thunderstorm in Dekalb County in northeastern Alabama this afternoon from vantage points of 50 statute miles to the west in Morgan and northern Cullman County.

Each picture below will have a corresponding radar image from the Hytop Nexrad.

4:22 p.m. view from Priceville

4:23 Hytop Nexrad image

4:35 view from Falkville

4:37 Hytop Nexrad image

4:43 view from Vinemont

4:41 Hytop Nexrad image


Andy Kula said...

I like those outflow boundary clouds (that you see on the radar). Neat!

Mike Wilhelm said...

Those were cool Andy. It is interesting comparing what you see in the air to what you see on the radar.

Storm Chasing Mikey said...

My Photography goal is to get a nice tower/supercell about 20-30 miles away so I can see the whole thing around dusk. Then open the shudder up and capture some lightning shooting out of the top of the supercell. Hasn't happened yet....I never seem to get the combination of clear skies between me and the supercell, lots of lightning, and the timing of dusk so you can see the clouds and lightning on a long image capture.
I keep trying...great pics Mike!


Mike Wilhelm said...

Thanks Mikey. That is difficult to get that combination. It is often further complicated here by haze and terrain.