Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sometimes storms chase us

One of the most amazing storms I have ever witnessed happened at my home on Saturday June 25, 1994. Official storm data from the National Climatic Data Center contained these reports:

Lawrence County:
"Wind snapped trees and damaged several buildings in Moulton during a strong thunderstorm. Over 2,000 power customers were without power in the central sections of Lawrence County. Although most of the damage was reported in and around Moulton, scattered trees were reported down all across the county."

Winston County:
"Lightning struck near a home on Helican Mountain in the eastern part of the county and injured a woman who was holding onto the door to her refrigerator. A house was struck by lightning in Haleyville damaging an air conditioner. Time of neither event was available."

Golf ball-size hail was reported in the Mt. Olive area about 10 miles north-northwest of the Birmingham airport."

"Thunderstorm wind affected Mud Tavern, Falkville, and Hartselle during the afternoon from 1400 to 1500 CST. Hail that ranged in size from pea to larger than marble occurred for five to seven minutes over much of Hartselle. Five vehicles were damaged at one Chevrolet dealership."

My Video:

Part One:

Pat Two:


James Payton said...

Intersting video Mike!!!

Ever more intesting...that was the day TOnia & I got married 14 years ago...June 25, 1994!


Mike Wilhelm said...

how cool is that

Service Care said...

Was that purple sky caused by the storm or what? Eerily cool. Didn't look like much was happening but then about 3:46 that hail kicked in and it got thiiick.

Nice video, I'm just thinking about that woman hanging on to her refrigerator door for dear life.

Mike Wilhelm said...

I am not sure about the purple. I wonder if it had more to do with my video camera. It's too long ago for me to remember what it actually looked like.