Monday, July 28, 2008

Back in the saddle

After a few weeks of less weather blogging I am back at it today. There was a lot of fog this morning as I drove to work traveling on Interstate 65 between Cullman and Decatur. Recent rainfall totals have been impressive in some areas making the soil moisture levels higher than we have seen in recent summers. I returned home Friday and had 4.70" of rain in my CoCoRaHS rain gauge that fell between July 10 and 25th. That does not count what may have evaporated. On Saturday we received an additional 2.07 inches.

The increased soil moisture will likely keep temperatures from rising into the triple digits but the humidity values will be higher. That will make for some typical uncomfortable late July weather in Alabama this week. Scattered showers are possible every day. Showers will be more numerous near the coast and near any mesoscale convective complex that may travel through the state in the northwest flow aloft.

One interesting feature to watch today will be the remnants of yesterday's MCS that travelled from Memphis through Mississsippi and into the Gulf. Tim Coleman at pointed out that the NAM model is trying to develop a tropical system out of this in the northern Gulf. It still looks like a long shot at this time but stranger things have happened.

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