Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tonight in the Midwest

Des Moines Register photo

A weather tragedy is occuring tonight in Iowa. Water from Coralville Lake is on the brink of washing over its reservoir spillway for the second time in the dam’s history. The water is now within about 5 inches of the spillway’s top and is expected to crest the cement barrier tomorrow, according to 9 a.m. projections by the Army Corps of Engineers.

On a happy note, I found one of the world's best webcams from one of my favorite places!


Andy Kula said...

Mike...it just keeps getting worse in Iowa tonight. 4 fatalities and up to 40 injured (initial reports) from Little Sioux, Iowa at a large scout camp which took a direct hit.

MTWC said...

Nice cam... too bad I'm a Cardinals fan! :)
-Clay in Nashville

Mike Wilhelm said...

Andy, I just heard that. Horrific news.

Mike Wilhelm said...

Clay, thanks. The Cards need one like that.