Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Novermber 8, 1989 Alabama Storm Chase

These videos run from just before 5 p.m. until just after 7 p.m. on Novermber 8, 1989. I was student at the University of Alabama and decided to chase storms just before sunset in West Alabama. I began in Tuscaloosa and drove south to near the Havana Junction and Moundville communities in Hale County.

When I left Tuscaloosa we were about to be placed under a tornado watch and by the time the storm approached my location Greene County was placed under a tornado warning and Hale county was placed under a thunderstorm warning.

In this video you can listen to James Spann on WBRC 6 and NOAA Weather Radio from Birmingham. You will see lightning, intersting cloud formations, small hail, and torrential rain. As an added bonus you can hear the audio from a the television news, sports, and commercials from that day.

Earlier that morning two tornadoes (F0 and F1) touched down in Houston County. There was damage in the north part of Dothan.

According to the NWS, the first tornado resulted in: "One home had its awning blown off and part of a church was damaged. Trees were uprooted." As for the second Dothan tornado, "2 homes were destroyed and 50 car windows were blown out. 2 businesses received major damage and one had moderate damage. One office complex sustained major damage. Hundreds of trees were blown down."

Exactly one week later, one of the most deadly Alabama tornadoes ever ravaged Huntsville.

Part One"

Part Two:

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