Friday, June 06, 2008

Elephants on the loose

(AP Photo/Gloria Folkers)

This really almost should be on my Crimson Tide blog, but here goes.....

Josh Johnson of 11 Alive in Atlanta found this hilarious LSR (Local Storm Report) yesterday from Kansas:

"0345 Pm 06/05/2008 Tstm Wnd Dmg 4 N Wakeeney 39.08n 99.88w Trego Ks Law Enforcement Several Power Poles Were Blown Down. Elephants With A Circus Were Spooked By The Thunderstorm And Were Running Loose In Wakeeney."

Storms pop up in Plains as forecasters sound alarm
"Tornadoes dropped onto the Great Plains on Thursday after forecasters warned of a potentially historic outbreak, causing some damage and spooking a pair of circus elephants in Kansas that escaped their enclosure and roamed a town before being captured. One of the animals entered a backyard less than a mile from the fairgrounds in WaKeeney and was blocked off by fire trucks until trainers could coax it onto a truck, Trego County Sheriff Richard Schneider said. "I guess it got tired of walking around," he said. The second elephant was tranquilized in another backyard, coaxed into a truck and returned to the circus, which was already packing up to head to the next town, Schneider said."


Dewdrop said...

Funny storm report.

Mike Wilhelm said...

Yes, and you don't see that every day.