Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This was Dew's day!

My friend and co-CWG (cool weather geek), Dewdrop, had a very good opportunity today to witness a wall cloud and a funnel cloud in her neck of the woods. I won't retell the whole cool story here, but I will post some links.

There has been this long running hypothesis, referred to by Dew as the "Dewvoid". The "Dewvoid" was mysterious invisible hindrance to the existence of severe weather in any are that she happens to be located. Today, finally, this theory has been laid to rest!

Read, look, and listen to how the Dewvoid came to a glorious end today in South Georgia...

Storm Chasing Dew Style in South Georgia... the Dewvoid is Dead

On the road with Dewdrop

Thomasville, GA tornado

Lowndes County, GA tornadoes


News from WALB
, including video

Clyattville - Many people in southern Lowndes County are still without power because of the storms. The southern part of the county took the biggest hit with uprooted trees and downed power lines. People in Clyattville think a tornado hit their town. Mollie Danner was home sick when she heard the tornado. "It was sort of a roar, but it was just so many twisting and screeching and I think it was pine limbs twisting."


Dewdrop said...

Awesome, Mike! You put me right there! Thanks for the terrific support... and the great view... we won't mention that part on Donahue Road where we landed under a clear area of rotation... Oopsies... :O)

Mike Wilhelm said...

You are welcome...my pleasure...and lets forget about Donahue Road...

Dewdrop said...