Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If you haven't already....

Take a look at the video I posted yesterday morning on YouTube of ABC 33/40's coverage of the Prattville Tornado. It has received over 3822 views in the past 36 hours since I posted it. It has been highly ranked yesterday in the "Science & Technology" category on YouTube both yesterday and today. Today it is currently ranked 11th most viewed, 11th in times favorited, and 33rd most discussed.

"This is coverage from ABC 33/40 out of Birmingham during and after the tornado. It is out of their DMA, but James Spann, Jason Simpson, and Ashley Brand did take a few looks at the storm.
Notice the Airlink 33/40 images at the end of the video. The damage was impressive with approximately 170 homes sustaining damage and 30 more being destroyed. It is amazing and miraculous that as of this writing, nine hours after the event, no fatalities have been reported."

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