Monday, February 18, 2008

Autuaga County (Prattville) Tornado Video Coverage

This is coverage from ABC 33/40 out of Birmingham during and after the tornado. It is out of their DMA, but James Spann, Jason Simpson, and Ashley Brand did take a few looks at the storm.

Notice the Airlink 33/40 images at the end of the video. The damage was impressive with approximately 170 homes sustaining damage and 30 more being destroyed. It is amazing and miraculous that as of this writing, nine hours after the event, no fatalities have been reported.


I received the following comment from an eyewitness of the tornado on my YouTube channel this morning a little after 9:30:

"I work at the Wal-Mart and was inside the store when the tornado came through the city. I didn't have time to make it to the center of the store. One of my friends was actually stuck in her car in the parking lot when the tornado hit. I just thank the Good Lord that everybody made it out with their lives and my heart and prayers go out to everyone in P-Ville."

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Anonymous said...

I am a survivor of the Enterprise Tornado. My family and I send prayers and good thoughts to the citizens of Prattville. I remember that day well and as I was watching the tornado on radar I want those that survived the tornado to know that prayers from Enterprise were going up. I hope that your community will come together as well as ours have. Even though terror and fear have visited us, there is good that comes from such destruction. God's Speed Prattville.