Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is this a wall cloud?

6:33 p.m. Saturday 3/28/09

Nexrad at 6:23 pm 3/28/09.

My position was near the red dot and the picture was taken looking to the northwest.

Can anyone give me some input on this? What would you report? For a look at the clouds in motion, there is a time lapse video below. The feature is barely in the video but you can see it forming in the lower right part of the screen between the 9:15 point and the 9:45 point.

Also, thanks to Dan Satterfield and Dale Bader for using my photos in their blogs.



Daniel L said...

It's almost always hard to tell, especially around here. I think a wall cloud report would be legitimate in this case, especially given the fact there was rotation on radar. Plus, from watch your video, it seems to be developing in the correct place...near the updraft/downdraft interface. That's just my opinion, though.

James Payton said...

I agree with Daniel on this one...tough to tell 100% for sure...but I'd call it a wall cloud.