Monday, April 27, 2009


The weather has been quiet lately in Alabama and so have I also been quiet on this blog. I think I speak for most weather geeks in Alabama when I say that the dry and warm weather that we have experienced in recent days has been most welcome. It seemed like we had some kind of severe weather threat every three days between mid February and mid April. I exaggerate slightly, but it has been an active spring and I am certainly enjoying a break.

Even though this spring has been active in Alabama, I can only think of one tornado rated higher than EF2, which was the Marshall-Dekalb EF3. Perhaps the best tornado photo ever made in Alabama was made of this one as it was actually a waterspout, crossing the Tennessee River at Lake Guntersville. Most of the events this spring have caused few, if any injuries. Sadly, there were two tornado related fatalities associated with the April 19 outbreak. There were 17 tornadoes in Alabama that day which were confirmed byNWS surveys. One of my best friends, who lives in Wren, south of Moulton, was in the path of the EF1 that went through Lawrence County.

Even as recently as April 23, there were some powerful storms that developed over extreme NE Alabama that produced large hail in Georgia. Andy Kula, meteorologist with the NWS Huntsville, took this picture of the top one of those storms from the roof of the Huntsville NWS Office, looking east.

Severe weather season is certainly not over and I anticipate that we will have more to talk about in the coming weeks. Yesterday was a "High Risk" day in parts Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. There were tornadoes out there each of the past two days and there were some really good videos made by chasers, but at first glance it doesn't appear that the high risk was warranted.

Stay tuned. In the mean time, I am getting away from the computer and riding to Atlanta tonight to take in the Braves/Cardinals games with two of my best friends since school days. I won't divulge how many years I have known them.


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