Monday, April 13, 2009

EF3 Tornado - Marshall, Jackson, Dekalb

An EF-3 Tornado was confirmed by the National Weather Service in Huntsville for Marshall, Jackson and Dekalb counties on Good Friday April 10, 2009, from 3:05 until 3:40 p.m. The tornado was on the ground for 28 miles and it was one-half mile wide at its widest point.

The National Weather Service Huntsville storm survey can be found here

I traveled though the Grant and Waterfront communities yesterday and took some pictures of the damage. I will post those later. It is amazing how the tornado traveled down the side of the mountain and really seemed to intensify when it approached the Lake Guntersville.

Following are three videos with the excellent real time coverage provided by WHNT Chief Meteorologist Dan Satterfield, Spencer Denton, and news staff. These videos concenttrate on this particular storm, before the warnings were issued, before the tornado touched down, while the tornado was on the ground, and eyewitness reports as it was ending, including an impressive viewer photo of the tornado. Dan did an excellent job on this storm (as did the NWS Huntsville) and anyone who wanted to be warned certainly had access to excellent weather coverage. Fortunately no deaths were reported.

4/10/09 Marshall-Jackson-Dekalb AL Tornado WHNT Part 1

4/10/09 Marshall-Jackson-Dekalb AL Tornado WHNT Part 2

4/10/09 Marshall-Jackson-Dekalb AL Tornado WHNT Part 3

Tornado strikes down at South Sauty Campground

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