Sunday, December 02, 2007

Wisconsin and Minnesota snow

I highly recommend Nathan's Maple Hill Weather site. Nathan blogs from the extreme northern Wisconsin in Bayfield County. He has some excellent coverage of the winterstorm as it spread across his part of the Upper Midwest this weekend. Thank you to Nathan for sharing the above pictures with me. Go to his site to see more.

Earlier today Nathan told me, "I now have a bit of shoveling ahead of me :) so I need to get cracking. I'll report back with pictures and measurements later, though the main event is over, another inch or two is possible as the low moves away. And then Lake-effect could give us another 1-3 tonight. We need a couple days break... but then a couple of energized clippers will be heading our way Mon and Tue."

The highest snowfall total that he was able to find was 20 inches in Grand Marais, MN, near the Canadian border. The highest total he found in Wisconsin was 13 inches just west of Bayfield, WI. That's about 9 miles northeast of his location.

Duluth NWS storm report

Here is another informative blog from Jayson in Iowa. He provided lots of updates on the icy conditions in his state.

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