Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Outlook for COLD February 2-6

You heard it here second! I give credit to James Spann for this one. The models are showing a major change to bitter cold temperatures across the Eastern United States late next week. James Spann today said,

"The 00Z GFS is hinting at an historic period of brutally cold weather for much of the nation in the February 2-6 time frame, including Alabama. The 00Z run is showing 850 mb temps (5,000 feet off the ground) of -30 C as far south as the Tennessee Valley. Even if this is a gross error we will still have very, very cold air (I do think this run went a little overboard)."

I might add that the southern storm track has been very active this winter. If these two factors "phase up" then parts of the deep south may be in for a major winter weather threat sometime during the first two weeks of February.

As James likes to say, this is all way out there in "voodoo land" but it is definitely one of those situations that bears watching closely. I will not be surprised if the South encounters some historic bad winter weather conditions. Let's keep an eye on it.

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