Wednesday, January 31, 2007

11 PM Update

This photo doesn't do it justice, but it was snowing pretty good around 11, with sleet mixed.

Moderate sleet and snow at 11 in Vinemont.

Temp is 32.5 at 11:20

At 11:33: The NWS site at the Cullman Airport in Vinemont was reporting partly cloudy and 36 a few minutes ago. They are only a few miles from where I live. Now they say 36 with light snow. They are right about the snow, but it’s 32.4 here and there is no way it is 36 there.

At 11:37 we have alternated back to mostly moderate sleet with a few flakes of snow mixed in. It had been predominately snow. The temp has dropped to 32.2 now.

Late Reports - Bill Murray

Heavy sleet, no snow mixed, and 32.0 in Vinemont at 11:45. Accumulating on elevated surfaces, melting slowly on roads.

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