Friday, February 03, 2012

Tuscaloosa Tornado 4/27/12 - Another Look

When I post pictures to my Twitter account, my Facebook weather page, this blog, or wherever, I rarely do any editing of the photographs. At most I occasionally crop the picture, but that's it. What you see is how my camera "saw" it. Recently, my friend Rick Lipscomb did some editing of his photos of the Tuscaloosa tornado of April 27. The end result was very impressive because it brought out details of the storm that didn't show up other wise. I asked Rick to work some of his magic on my pictures. Here are the results!

All photos by Mike Wilhelm, 2011. Editing by Rick Lipscomb, 2012. Do not use without permission.



Wayfarer said...

Was an absolute honor my friend..!!

Anonymous said...

The detail of the debris in the second photo, well, it just takes your breath away.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike-
I'd love to talk with you about using your tornado video from the Tuscaloosa tornado, April 27th. Please contact me when you are able.

Thank you.