Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Northeast Huntsville Flooding

UAH Armor Radar Rainfall Estimate

The photos above were taken by my neighbor, LeeAnn Reid, this morning around 11:30. This is the creek that runs off Monte Sano between our homes in Northeast Huntsville. It was probably running higher before she took the pictures. That is the highest I have seen the creek in many years. UAH Armor Radar estimates that approximately four inches of rain fell in the area.

There were numerous reports of flooding in Huntsville, especially in the northeast part of town where I live. Pavement was washed away at Rodgers and Haynes Drive. There was significant flooding at Giles Ave., Oakwood Ave., and Maysville Road.

A woman had to be rescued from her car on Giles Ave., according to the Huntsville Times. Check out that link for news, photos, and video.

Here is a link to 30 photos from the Huntsville Times.

Today was yet another reminder to adhere to the NWS slogan on flooding: "Turn around, don't drown".


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