Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weather folklore

I was fortunate to grow up next door to a wise gentleman named Mr. Smart who grew up in the the hills of southeast Tennessee, near Tracy City. He taught me the name of every tree in our neighborhood, took me to his parents' farm to dig up potatoes in October, and shared lots of folklore with me. I wish I could remember half of it.

One thing he taught me about weather folklore I will never forget. We had a persimmon tree in our yard in Huntsville. One day he took the seed out of the persimmon, sliced it long-ways with his pocket knife, and told me that we would have a warmer than usual winter because of the fork shape inside the seed. He told me that if the inside was shaped like a spoon we would have a colder than average winter. I don't know if that method works, but it was interesting nonetheless. The persimmon tree is long gone. It was blown down in a severe storm years ago.

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