Friday, June 01, 2007

More thoughts on chasing...

I have a dear friend from middle and high school whose life (and especially his wife's life) was forever changed as a result of an F4 tornado in Huntsville, Alabama on 11/15/1989. I think that my close friendship with them and my knowledge of what has happened in their lives then and since then will forever temper my "excitement" about severe weather.

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Wishing for the dark side?
This is a post by my friend Rick in which he refers to one of my earlier posts. Thanks, Rick!


Sharp said...

I appreciate your comments about the dark side, Mike. Having lived through the SuperOutbreak of '74, I've always been fascinated with tornadoes. Our experience with the '89 tornado put a bit of a damper on the excitement but we know more about them than ever now. I'm pretty good at judging cells and reading radar when a line comes through and we're both pretty good at spotting a potentially "mean" front (as Dan Satterfield calls them) days in advance.

It's more of a fear on my wife's part and dread on mine. I know that the statistical likelihood of being directly affected is low, but we still have to order our day around it and often put our lives on hold. Being able to discuss weather conditions with you as they approach is a help to us because knowledge helps cancel out some of the fears.

Strange is it may seem, I still get a sense of anticpation when I walk outside and feel and smell a thunderstorm brewing. As long as there's only little or no chance of a tornado, that is!

Sharp said...

Speaking of the SuperOutbreak, have you seen the latest book about it, "F5", yet?

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