Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Weather Channel

On May 2, 1982 The Weather Channel signed on for the first time. In the beginning TWC had 4.2 million cable subscribers. TWC was the brainchild of Chicago-based ABC meteorologist John Coleman. Now nearly 87 million U.S. cable subscribers can view TWC.

I remember the beginning of TWC well. I was one of the fortunate wx geeks who had cable back then. I liked TWC back in the 80’s and early 90’s much more than the format they have now. I remember John Coleman from Chicago’s WLS Channel 7 when I lived in Ottawa, Illinois for a few years as a young boy (preschool-1st grade). Coleman was crazy, but as a kid, I loved him. I’ll never forget when I saw him use a snake as a pointer for his wx map! Watching him helped birth my lifetime fascination with the wx.

I want to see a true 24 hour weather channel (for weather purists) that is totally weather (minus politics and with less documentaries during times of severe weather)!

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