Thursday, February 08, 2007

Florida Tornadoes

There were two excellent posts about this tragedy that occurred last week on by Bill Murray. Rather than writing about it myself, I will refer you to those posts.

One thing I will say is this: My biggest pet peeve is that every time a tornado takes lives, media outlets proclaim that the tornado hit "without warning", when in most cases that is simply not true. That happened again in this situation. I even heard someone on the Weather Channel say this. CNN said it. Many others did as well.

The truth is that the NWS did issue warnings for the tornadoes. The problem is that many people have not taken the responsibility for putting themselves in a position to hear the warnings. Everyone should have a weather radio, just as everyone should have a fire alarm. I do not believe sirens are the answer.

Florida Tornadoes Rated as Stong EF3's

A Preventable Tragedy

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