Monday, July 10, 2006

A Few More Thoughts on Global Warming

What we need with this global warming issue is a consensus regarding crieria and methodology. Al Gore's political rantings are not conducive to finding the truth. If scientists could agree on (a) an accurate, reliable method for measuring the average temperature of the earth for at least, say, 6 thousand years; and (b) the criterion to denote what amount of temperature change over time denotes a significant threat; then we would have something to work with. Could someone who believes in global warming prove to me the following:(a) What was the average temperature on the Earth's surface for each of the last 6000 years?(b) Explain why I should believe your measurements are an accurate reflection of the reality.My major concerns are that there is not enough reliable data, what data we do have is not global, and for every indicator of global warming you can also find an indicator for global cooling.

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