Monday, May 10, 2010

5/10/10 Ongoing Chase Notes

SPC Day Two Outlook had parts of KS and OK under a moderate risk.

Left Huntsville at 11:10. It was 57F.

Met John Brown at Cullman at 12:10. Headed west on Hwy 278.

Multimedia forecast from Norman, OK NWS........ #fb

At 1 John and I agreed that if The SPC Day One outlook is reduced to slight (which we didn't really expect), we are turning around and going home.

One second late, my Twitter feed said, "SPC issues HIGH Risk for Monday... details momentarily..." ...REGIONAL TORNADO OUTBREAK AND LONG-TRACK STRONG TO VIOLENT TORNADOES BECOMING LIKELY IN ERN OK AND SE KS...

Messaged with Greg Nordstrom. Will try to meet up with him and others with him in the afternoon.

Entered Mississippi at 2 a.m. Lots of rain to our west.

Talked to Brett Adair at 3 a.m. He gave us some good driving tips for Oklahoma. Ran into some rain at this time, about 60 miles outside of Memphis.

John got us all the way to 150 miles from Little Rock. I'm about to take the wheel now at 4:40 and give him a break. I wish I had slept better. I'm good to go for now, though. Making good time.

Approaching Little Rock on the way OK as the sun rises. Lots of rain in AR. MM188 on I40 at 6am. #arwx #alwx #fb

Lots of lightning, rain 20 miles east of Little Rock. 6:13 am. #arwx #fb

135 mi from OK near Conway, AR. At 6:55. Rain continues. Heavy at times.

Just passed a place called Toad Suck Park.....

@simpson3340 With John Brown. He suggested. Glad I decided to do it. So far. Long haul. 2nd thoughts about driving up here for the AR game.

Jason pointed out that we are headed toward where he saw his first tornado in Dustin, OK in 2001.

@simpson3340 Cool. I hope to do the same. I dreamed we saw some.

7:15 Spoke with Jennifer... She reminded me to stay safe but to get her a tornado. May capture me some radar images.

7:45 Texted Rick... He should be able to capture some cool GR3 images for me...or radar support.

8:00 Msg'ed Carrie... She may chase, but if not may capture radar.

Spoke with Greg Nordtrom... He gave me a run down of his current thinking. He says he will have a much better handle in a few hours. Really need to get some breaks in the clouds. Lots of potential. Their ETA for OKC would be around 12:30. He will do some serious mesoanalysis. Will call back later. May be able to get with him and his team, LDCT.

Sounding link from Greg Nordstrom.

From Brett Adair...

9:35 a.m.
Broadcasting live severe weather coverage from Oklahoma... (Broadcasting live at #okwx #fb

9:45 Welcome to Oklahoma... Driving duties given back to John Brown... Quick blog update, look at data, and hopefully a nap coming up.

10 a.m. Current thinking: Stop in Tulsa area, analyze, and get in position....

10:30-12 - Attempted to rest here at the intersection of I40 and the Muskogee Turnpike. Got very little rest. New Day one is out. Very little change. Seeing some clearing to the west on visible sat. Looks like we may head to Tulsa shortly. John indicated that Tulsa has roads fanning out in several directions. I agree. New mesoscale discussion out from SPC. Surface winds are very gusty. Surface dewpoints are now over 60 in South OK. Narrow toung of instabilty will pass through this part of OK later this afternoon. Right now it looks live we could be in for a very volatile situation. Still cool here at the moment, just before 12 Noon.

12:05 p.m. John and I are heading up the Muskogee Turnpike toward Tulsa....

1:06 Tornado watch may be issued w/n the hour for North Central OK and S Central KS.

RT @Skilling: 90s just SW, 100+ mph w jet stream wind overhead, 70+ mph S winds just abv the surface, upper 60s dwpt Stunning supercell envi

1:23 Spoke with Greg Nordstrom. They are coming north out of Oklahoma City and are probably going to stop at Guthrie. He mentioned that they may go north from there, depending on how things develop. We are heading in that general direction... West on Hwy 51 out of Tulsa. We discussed the advantages of staying off the turnpikes (lack of exits and possibility that they will be shut down....

1:37 RT @severestudios: New Tornado Watch for KS, OK until 10pm CDT. This is a PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) #fb PDS!!!


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