Friday, January 09, 2009

Taking a look up North...

My sister took these images with her cell phone on the North Side of Chicago this morning. She says that they have already had two or three inches of snow. More snow is on the way, though for tonight and Saturday morning.

Tom Skilling of WGN is forecasting 4 to 9 inches north of Interstate 80. Skilling says that this particular snow event marks the 21st measurable snowfall for the Chicagoland area thus far this winter. As of this past Wednesday Chicago had recorded 24.5 inches so far this season.

Skilling wrote, "Measurable snow fell Wednesday for the 19th time, totaling 2 inches at O'Hare International Airport since Tuesday and pushing the city's official tally past the 2 foot mark (24.5 inches). The 2008-09 season is one of only five in the past 124 years in which measurable snow (0.1-inch or more) has fallen that frequently. Over the term of official snow records dating back to 1884, an average of 10 measurable snows has visited the area by Jan. 8 with a seasonal snow tally to date closer to 12 inches -- half as much as has fallen to date this season. Nearly 66 percent of the city's seasonal snow typically falls beyond this date."

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Cookeville Weather Guy said...

how funny Mike..I referenced the same story from Tom! :)