Friday, April 04, 2008

Here at lunch in Starkville....Drama back home...

Just heard from James Spann, Chief Meteorologist at ABC 33/40...
Some chatter on the Skywatcher IM:

(11:48:31) Mike Wilhelm Vinemont Cullman-Laptop: Hey James! James Payton & Mike Wilhem at the symposium eating lunch...your named has been mentioned 4 times during the AM presentations & implied 1 other time

(11:50:29) abc3340wx-1: thanks Mike... Cullman took a serious hit within the last 30 minutes.
(11:50:34) abc3340wx-1: Many reports of damage

(11:51:11) abc3340wx-1: most likely straight line winds

(11:52:24) Mike Wilhelm Vinemont Cullman-Laptop: james p. here...mike said thanks for the info...we've been watching the radar closely here...thing will get interesting here shortly.
(11:52:47) abc3340wx-1: the Food World shopping center, Brunner St., and surrounding areas have been hit hard in Cullman 11:41 AM ambulances are enroute there

(11:55:22) Mike Wilhelm Vinemont Cullman-Laptop: mike in contact with his family...soulds like everything with them is fine...they are reporting tons of trees down in cullman. kids were safe in school

(11:59:10) Mike Wilhelm Vinemont Cullman-Laptop: This is Mike....I understand that there has been some minor damage to the Cullman County Schools offices


MTWC said...

Starkville... such a college town. Nice town.. I've been there!
-Clay in Nashville

Mike said...

It is a nice campus.

Dewdrop said...

That's an almost Dewvoid-like situation. It happened at home when you left... so glad your kids are ok!!!

Mike said...

I thought about that Dew. In fact i told someone about that and told them that no one will want to let me leave town!