Wednesday, March 19, 2008

1.38 inches of liquid gold today...

This is how it happened...

Loop 9:06 to 9:25

9:20 a.m.

(09:07:58) .82 here so far with a strong storm headed this way

(09:21:01) very heavy rain and a minute-long period of winds gusting to 30 mph within the past 10 minutes

(09:22:17) now up to 1.12" (.30" in the last 15 minutes)

(09:24:29) ponding on the road near the school here

(09:27:53) winds have started gusting again now that the heavy rain has passed

(09:28:08) just heard a clap of thunder as the rain ended

(09:33:21) another brief heavy shower just moved through here after the main line passed by

(09:34:30) still a little thunder here

(09:38:13) 1.26" here.....63 degrees


Dewdrop said...

Man the wind is STRONG with this line. It is pounding against my office building.

Mike said... howled all night last night here