Thursday, May 07, 2009

5/06/09 - Madison County, Alabama Storm

On Wednesday morning, 5/06/09 severe storms, including a few possible tornadoes, again raked North and Central Alabama. I was at home, "under the weather", when a Tornado Warning was issued for Madison County. I actually drove one-tenth of a mile down the street to "chase" this storm. Actually I just wanted to get a view of the sky. With trees and mountains, there is no view from our home. The view from the parking lot at Oak Park was better, but still not the best.

You can definitely see the inflow into the area of the storm that was rotating. I tacked on a little time lapse of that at the end of the video. This storm produced significant damage in western parts of Madison County. This damage was later attributed to an EF2 tornado that travelled 11 miles from the Madison-Limestone County line to near Research Park Boulevard (formerly known as Rideout Road, near the Huntsville city limits Here are some photos from WAFF 48.

Here is a video of the damage in Madison....

Here is a video someone captured of the wall cloud today.


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