Friday, December 03, 2010

Latest Tornado Count From the NWS

Image from NWS Jackson, MS. 9:45 p.m. base reflectivity (left) and storm relative velocity (right) over Atalla County, MS while storm was producing EF3 damage.

On Monday November 29 and Tuesday November 30, 2010, the Deep South was raked with numerous tornadoes. Survey crews from National Weather Service offices have been out all week surveying the damage. Although most survey activity is complete, there may be a few more tornadoes confirmed before all is said and done.

As of Friday morning December 3, 15 tornadoes have been confirmed in Mississippi and 5 have been confirmed in Alabama. Here is a list of those confirmed thus far.


1:41-1:43 a.m., Millport, Lamar County, EF 1

4:15-4:16 a.m., Scott Station, Perry County, EF1

7:09-7:11 a.m., Blountsville, Blount County, EF1

9:57-10:06 a.m., Prattville, Autauga County, EF1

10:20-10:45 a.m., Dexter/Santuck, Elmore County EF0

Fortunately there were no injuries or fatalities associated with any of these tornadoes. Read more detailed descriptions of survey data at this link from the NWS Birmingham.


7:27-7:25 p.m., Issaquena/Sharkey Counties, EF0

7:46-8:00 p.m., Yazoo County, EF2

8:04-8:06 p.m., Warren County, EF0

8:07-8:10 p.m., Yazoo County, EF2

8:30-8:30 p.m., Claiborne County, EF0

9:09-9:18 p.m., Hinds County, EF0

9:25-9:26 p.m., Claiborne County, EF1

9:38-9:50 p.m., Leake/Attala Counties, EF3 (6 injured)

11:08-11:09 p.m., Oktibbeha County, EF2 (15 injured)

11:26-11:29 p.m., Clay County, EF1

11:52-11:52 p.m., Monroe County, EF2 (11 injured) - NWS Memphis

2:43-2:58 a.m., Smith County, EF2

2:59 a.m., Amite County, MS, EF0 - NWS New Orleans

5:50-5:58 p.m., Jones County, EF0

7:40 a.m., Hancock County, Waterspout - NWS New Orleans

More can be read about the Mississippi tornadoes here and here.

Article by Johnny Kelley


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