Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Overcast and 48

Over the past week or so it seemed that every time I walked by my thermometer I saw the number “48” and every time I stepped outside the skies were overcast. I decided to check the previous three days’ worth of hourly observations from the Huntsville International Airport to see just how true this was.

During each of the 72 hourly observations (3 days) from 11 a.m. Sunday March 14 through 10 a.m. Wednesday March 17, the Huntsville International Airport has reported overcast skies during each of the 72 hourly observations (five included light rain).

During those same 72 hours, temperatures have only ranged from 45 to 51. The average temperature has been 48.4 degrees. The median (middle) temperature and mode (most frequently occurring) temperature were both 48.

Following is the number of hours spent at each temperature:

45 - 4
46 - 3
47 - 15
48 - 16
49 - 15
50 - 11
51 - 8

The temperature has been between 47 and 50 during 79 per cent of the past 3 days.

While this may have made forecasting easier, it has certainly been dreary weather for people who enjoy sunshine and boring for people who enjoy extreme weather.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah - this is the kind of weather that makes me just want to sleep all day. Luckily (?) changes are on the way. At least Friday does look nice . . .