Sunday, February 21, 2010

Historic 2/12/10 South Alabama Snow

Due to family priorities, I was unable to experience the historic South Alabama snow of February 12, 2010 first-hand (even though I expected it days in advance). Fortunately some of my weather friends were able to cover it well, allowing me to enjoy it vicariously. Here are some of their great photos, videos, and a graphic from the NWS Mobile.

Photo by Storm Chaser Rick Lipscomb

Photo by Storm Chaser Rick Lipscomb

Photo by Storm Chaser Rick Lipscomb

Melba Pierce sent these photos from Thomasville in Clarke County, AL. Thanks to ABC 33/40.

My friend Jennifer posted this snow report from South Georgia!

Huge, comprehensive photo album by ABC 33/40 viewers posted by James Spann.

Snowfall accumulation map by the NWS Mobile

7:30 a.m. 2/12/10

Noon, 2/12/10

8:30 a.m. Mobile Nexrad

Videos of the historic snow......

Terry Sasser In Greenville, Alabama

Rick Lipscomb in Conecuh County (funny stuff):

James KinKaid in Evergreen, AL:

Brett Adair took this video in Talladega County:

John Brown in Pike County (Troy, AL):

From Chatom in Washington County, AL

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