Friday, January 22, 2010

NE Huntsville Tornado Photos

The first two sets are photos taken by my neighbor, LeAnn Shady Reid and her brother, Deron Shady.

About her brother's pictures she writes:

"Michael, my brother took these today at my Dad's shop - at the corner of Dug Hill Road and Hwy 72 East, looking back toward Chapman Mountain. 5:30 pm (weird - it's like the backside of what I photographed). I'm sure he wouldn't mind you using any of them. LeAnn"


She wrote this about a photograph she took from Stapp Drive in NE Huntsville:

"I was looking northwest (I think) - over the transformer between our driveways. Standing on my sidewalk looking across the street and to the right a little....I didn't take any more (except a photo of the hail a few minutes before this). I heard the transformer pop and ran inside! It was really weird, because normally I would be terrified to even step outside in weather like this, but the way it happened was heavy rain, then hail, then no rain. We were watching the weather on 31 and they were saying it was over 5 points, about the same time the sirens were going off. I grabbed the camera and stepped outside. It was barely raining, if at all, and I saw what I photographed, which I wasn't even sure if it was a funnel cloud. I could hear the strangest noise, though, like the freight train that you hear people describing. I had no idea how close it was to us. The strangest thing was at the time I was taking the photo, it wasn't very windy at all here."

This photo was taken on Polk Street by Amy Crabtree.

I will be adding more photos, news and videos to this blog in the coming days.


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