Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Windy Night in Alabama

Whether a particular area receives severe weather or not, all Alabamians have been and will continue to experience gusty winds tonight.

Here are some recent wind gust observations within the past hour:

Meridianville: SSE 20, G-30
Huntsville Int'l Airport: SE 21, G-29
Decatur Airport: SE 21, G-29
Vinemont Airport: SE 13, G-25
Hayleyville: S 17, G-28
Birmingham Airport: SSE 15, G-28
Birmingham ABC 33/40 Skycam: SSE 25, G-42
Tuscaloosa Airport: S 14, G-20
Tuscaloosa ABC 33/40 Skycam: SE 13, G-35
Mt Cheaha ABC 33/40 Skycam: SSE 10, G-44


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