Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuscaloosa F4 - Nine Years Ago Today

Live ABC 33/40 coverage of the December 16, 2000 Tuscaloosa F4 tornado... it was captured live by the towercam in Tuscaloosa.

Vido description from Chuck Brams: "This video was shot out of the back of my car by Trip Harris KG4DMH. The tornado occured in Tuscaloosa, AL on December 16th 2000. I was trying to keep us from getting killed as he shot the video. My battery died and that is why this clip is short. This F-4 Tornado claimed 11 lives this day. It was a rare F-4 in December. Thanks to Trip for not getting sick as I drove just about anywhere to get away!!! The mark on the map shows where we first spotted the twister with friend Kirk Junkin... What a day."

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