Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Three Cold Mornings in October

This morning's low was 39 in NE Huntsville. Most reporting stations in North and Central Alabama were between 37 and 40 this morning.

The low Monday morning October 19 in NE Huntsville was 34 degrees. A few lows in the upper 20's were reported in NE Alabama while lows into the 30's were felt as far south as Baldwin and Mobile counties. J.B. Elliott of Alabamawx.com recorded lots of data, including these low temperatures: 27 Grantley (NE Cleburne County–the coldest recorded), 28 Muscadine, and 29 in Scrougout and Broomtown. More lows can be found on this NSSTC blog post by Daniel Lamb.

Temperatures on Sunday October 18 fell into the upper 20's and lower 30's in southern Middle Tennessee. Vic Bell in Scrougeout in NE Alabama reported a low of 31 degrees with his first freeze and frost of the season. The low here in NE Huntsville was 35.8.


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