Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tour of the NWS Huntsville

Meteorologist Andy Kula very graciously provided my sons and I a very nice tour of the National Weather Service Office in Huntsville, Alabama on 6/8/09.

WSR-74C radar from the old WSO Huntsville, which replaced the WSR-3 radar in 1977.

Andy is pointing at a poster of the last F5 tornado in Iowa prior to last year's Parkersburg EF5. I think it occurred on June 13,1976.

Andy is showing us a velocity image of the EF2 tornado that hit Madison, Alabama on May 6, 2009. This image was provided by the Baron Services radar. Images from this radar were sent via email and Facebook to the NWS to assist in the warning process. Wind Velocity was over 80 mph at an elevation of 1100 feet in this image.


Amateur Radio area.

Hytop Nexrad computer.

Andy shows us that they still sometimes use hand-drawn maps. I liked that.

Can NOAA Weather Radio pronounce "Hulaco", Alabama?

NOAA Weather Radio in Huntsville 6/8/09


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