Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Severe Weather Update

Tragedy struck Oklahoma yesterday with at least 8 people killed by a tornado in Lone Grove, Oklahoma. Officials have said that the death toll could rise. According to the Daily Oklahoman, "Sheriff’s officials said this town of about 5,000 people was devastated when a tornado estimated to have been about a half-mile wide tore through the middle of Lone Grove, ripping buildings from their slabs, demolishing dozens of mobile homes and snapping any trees and power lines in its path."

The supercells that produced the tornadoes last evening in Oklahoma evolved into a squall line which is moving through Central Mississippi as of 8:30 this morning. The are currently no tornado or severe thunderstorm watches or warnings associated with this line.

As the day progresses, the line could strengthen and spread damaging winds from Alabama northward to Ohio and Pennsylvania. Tornadoes are not as likely today with this system according to the Storm Prediction Center.

I will be monitoring the weather here in North Alabama and all residents should be weather-aware today for the possibility of very high straight-line winds.



Anonymous said...

Mike,great blog!! It has a lot of good information!

Chris E.

MWN/Erik said...

Mike - Good luck down there. The squall line came through Memphis this morning at the diurnal minima (6:45am) and wasn't too bad all things considered, though the wind behind this system is packing a punch! Keep up the good work!

--Erik, blog

Mike Wilhelm said...

Thanks Cris and Erik! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave me those nice comments.