Friday, January 09, 2009

A great visit with an old friend

From Lance George's TV/Radio Museum

I had the privilege of visiting with an old friend from high school today, Lance George. Lance knows more about the media history of North Alabama than anyone I know. He can rattle off the names and details of any station that has ever broadcast radio or television signals in North Alabama and surrounding areas. To this day he has an amazing ability to stay on the cutting edge of electronics and technology.

Among his many interests, Lance has a huge interest in weather. He has computers dedicated to providing 24/7 weather data in his home and his home is wired for weather radio and tornado alerts like no other.

It was a great pleasure to visit with him again. As I did in school, I always learned something when talking to Lance. If there was ever a walking encyclopedia of media, local history, and electronics, Lance is it! Check out his website here.

I was very fortunate the Lord placed me in a tremendous school at a perfect time. I am friends with artists, actors, actresses, rocket scientists, photographers, pediatricians, geniuses, newscasters, social workers, engineers, managers, accountants, lawyers, athletes, and ordinary people who love God, family, and country. The list goes on and on. Lance is one of those special people.


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