Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cynthiana, Kentucky Ice Storm Photos

Through modern technology I have had the great opportunity to communicate with a childhood friend, classmate, and Sunday School classmate, Kerstin DeRolf. She was kind enough to share these photos she took this afternoon. First, her account:

"We are in luck - so far we haven't lost power, although they don't promise that we can't still lose power. Since I have a saltwater aquarium, that's the one thing I would prefer not to have happen - but I think I am ready if we do. We did the ice storm thing back in 2003, and were without power for close to a week - so for us, this hasn't been nearly as bad.

In general I like living up here - the summers aren't quite as hot, and we get periodic cool days in the summer to recover from the heat. I also like that we do have a chance of snow - the only problem here is that the northern and southern parts of the county sometimes have enough different weather, that the buses can't go on some of the road...therefore we'll have snow days when we wonder what's causing it (tomorrow will be day 8 of this year so far...haven't had school yet this week)."

Our poor pine trees. There are a total of 6 tall and 3 short trees there - I think at least 2 of them are now shorter...

2 water maples from the road.

Branches from 2 water maples - these are what took out our phone line.

Our elm had just recovered from the 2003 storm

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Wayfarer said...

Nice shots..send it down here!!