Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it snow?

It is a very windy, cold, and wet Thursday morning across North Alabama. An additional 1.21" of rain has fallen overnight. Since the rain began on Tuesday evening, 4.23 inches has fallen.

The temperature this morning is 39 and the dewpoint here atop Lacon Mountain in North Cullman is 37. There is a strong temperature gradient across the state. The temperature over in Gadsdaen is 54.

The big story today is obviously the possibility of snow. Cullman County schools made the decision yesterday to dismiss students at 1:00 this afternoon. That made my boys very happy but they will be even happier if the snow materializes.

Last night snow fell in Southeast Texas in places like Galveston and Houston. This morning Jason Simpson of ABC 33/40 is reporting snow has advanced as far east as Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

One of the ABC 33/40 Skywatchers has reported that a relative in Hammond, Louisiana is reporting thundersnow and 33 degrees.

Snow does appear likely across portions of Northwest Alabama.

James Spann provides an excellent forecast discussion here.

Check out his video update here:


Storm Chasing Mikey said...

Thundersnow, my favorite. Sorry your boys didn't make it to the big show. I know how you feel. I felt sick for a week after the Tarheels blew it in the Final Four last year.

Mike said...

I'm happy about the season becasuse Bama exceeded expectations and got a lot out of their talent.