Friday, November 28, 2008

Iron Bowl Weather

See a certain coach's possible response to all of this talk about rain below.....

It will rain all morning leading up to the game at 2:30. Rain may taper off to drizzle during the game, but that is not set in stone. I highly suggest checking back later today to a good weather source. is the best. I will post more here later too. Bring the rain gear!

This what a certain coach might say about the weather:

"Weather is not a factor to me so do not ask me any of those questions because I won’t answer. I have all my cash on the table that says one of you will ask me that question anyway even though I told you not to ask it. Our team needs to dominate the opponent regardless of the weather conditions. Each play will have a history of it’s own relative to the weather and we are not concerned about external factors. The weather is only a factor if we make it a factor relative to the football game. Is it a factor to you? It is not a factor to me so do not ask me any more questions relative to the weather, aight?! Now the crowd needs to get out there and yell out of respect for what this team has done regardless of external factors as well. I will try not to chew you out with a potty mouth, but I will be pleased and happy to use it on the team if they are not dominating the opponent."


Storm Chasing Mikey said...

1 more for a trip to the big show....are you gonna go if they make it?

Anonymous said...

I won't get to go to Atl.