Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family, fun, sports, work, and (yes), a little weather...

Life isn't all about weather is it? Well, almost. Just thought I would take a rare break from my weather posting to share a few images of a typical week in my corner of the world.

Matt warming up for his basketball game on Saturday

Before the Alabama game the boys played in the woods behind the house.

The boys and I enjoyed watching Alabama defeat LSU to clinch the SEC West on Saturday 11/8/08.

Sunday David spotted a fire from a downed line and we called 911. He "saved" the school.

My boys on Sunday 11/9/08 near Vinemont school

Sunday 11/9/08 near Vinemont school

Sunday 11/9/08 near Vinemont school

A look at my office on Wednesday 11/12/08.

Fog this morning at 11 a.m. in Vinemont, Alabama


Dewdrop said...

I saw the way you snuck that weather into your "non-weather" post. You can't fool me. lol. Great, week in the life of... SDS has got a stronghold on us, eh?

Just a funny by the way... the word verification for me right now is weasece. All I could think was We SEC! RTR!!!

Mike Wilhelm said...

That is hilarious!


I should have known I couldn't get that by Dew!