Friday, September 12, 2008

Video of Ike's effects in Gulf Shores, Alabama

This video is from Baldwin County ABC 33/40 Skywatcher wlpowell63.

Thanks to him for allowing me to share it here.


Storm Chasing Mikey said...

Thanks for sharing that video. It really is astonishing to think about the amount of water this storm has displaced in the Gulf. The amount of energy it takes to do that is tremendous. It's as if the Safir Simpson scale is of no use with storms over a certain size. I believe the surge into Galveston on the backside of this Hurricane will be overwhelming for many who stayed.


Mike Wilhelm said...

I heard someone compare the total amount of energy and it dwarfed that of an atomic bomb. It is staggering to think about.

Plus, I agree that the SS scale has been useless and misleading with this storm.