Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike's aftermath...

I have been away from the computer most of the weekend so there is some catching up to do. We will be talking about Ike for a long time. Some estimates are that he has caused $22 billion dollars in damage.

Of greatest concern is the fact that two people have died and many other are missing on the Bolivar Peninsula, just east of Galveston. I took the boys to Galveston in June of 2007. and we drove down the peninsula on our way to the ferry ride to Galveston Island. It was sad imagining what those places and those people were experiencing.

About 500 people refused to leave the once beautiful peninsula, which was home to 3800 residents. Just before the storm's greatest fury arrived, the Coast Guard rescued 93 people. Now many of those who refused to leave are missing and feared to be dead.

There was at least one miraculous story of survival mentioned in the New York Times:

"One middle-aged man was washed from his home on Crystal Beach all the way to the mainland, where he was spotted by National Guard troops in a helicopter and picked up. That’s the only miracle we’ve had so far,” said the Chambers County sheriff, Joe LaRive. “When the water picked up his house, he floated out a window and hung onto a piece of wood all night long, and he saw fish and alligators and fire ants.” The man was treated and released from a nearby hospital, Sheriff LaRive said."

Storm chaser Michael Haynes took some amazing pictures as Ike approached Galveston on Friday.

Check out this video of the storm surge flooding from a Coast Guard flyover.

My son Joe took this picture as we drove toward the ferry on the Bolivar Peninsula last year.

More to come later...

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