Friday, August 01, 2008

The big winners

Scattered areas in North Alabama received over three inches of rain according to estimates from the Birmingham Nexrad. It was also very isolated. For example, in Lamar County there was only 3.3 nautical miles between an area with 5.5" and an area with 1.25", or 4.25" spread over 3.3 miles. More reports to come later today.

Calhoun (3.5+") / Taladega (3.5-4.5")
4.42" reported near Weaver in Calhoun County by Michelle Miklik.
3.92" reported by a CoCoRaHs observer 1.6 miles west of Weaver.
2.93" reported by a CoCoRaHs observer 5 miles SSE of Munford in Talladega County.

Cherokee (3.5-4.5")

Lamar (3.5-5.5")

Limestone (3.5-4.5")
3.57" reported by a CoCoRaHs observer 1.4 miles ENE of Athens in Limestone.
2.23" reported by a CoCoRaHs observer 4.1 miles west of Capshaw in Limestone.

Marion (3.5")


michelle said...

Yep, Mike, looking at my map, I was the one big red blob, just north of Anniston there between Hwy 21 & Hwy 431.

Mike said...

That's what I thought. What was your final total?